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Ad-Juster Acquires TagScan Technology from Adometry Inc.

New York, NY, October 4th, 2012 -- Ad-Juster, Inc. has recently acquired Adometry’s TagScan technology, a product for Publishers to test both ad tags, and entire web pages, for all 3rd party activity, tag performance (creative size and latency) and malware. As part of the Ad-Juster reporting options, TagScan will help digital Publishers understand why and where specific tag related delivery discrepancies occur.

Adometry introduced TagScan nearly two years ago to address problems publishers faced due to the proliferation and increasing complexities of third party ad tags. Adometry partnered with Ad-Juster last year. This technical partnership allowed TagScan users to import 3rd party tags directly from ad serving systems, eliminating the manual tag Q/A process during campaign setup.

“Tag management is a key part of digital campaign success and Ad-Juster sees TagScan as an important step towards providing the 'why' to specific tag related discrepancy situations,” says Mike Lewis, President of Ad-Juster, Inc. “Over the past year Adometry's focus has moved towards attribution products. In an effort to make sure that TagScan continues to keep up with this fast paced ecosystem we are very pleased to announce that we've come to a new agreement with Ad-Juster to take over responsibility and ownership of TagScan,” said Adometry’s John Dietz.

As of October 1st, 2012, Ad-Juster has taken over hosting of the service, client requests, roadmap management, and support capabilities. More information can be found at the Ad-Juster web site.

About Adometry
Adometry, Inc., is the leading provider of ad analytics utilizing the best verification and dynamic fractional attribution solutions. For over half a decade Adometry has led the industry in online ad verification and traffic quality management, delivering actionable insight to improve the performance of online advertising. Go to for more information.

About Ad-Juster
Ad-Juster is the world’s leading 3rd party reporting and discrepancy management tool. Ad-Juster currently provides actionable data to over 60 digital agencies, networks and publishers. Ad-Juster automatically identifies and reports ad delivery discrepancies – helping manage one of the digital ad world's most painful problems. See for more information.