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Supported Third Party Ad Servers: Recap

Much like the local ad servers that Ad-Juster supports, most 3rd party and rich media ad servers only require the user name and password from you in order to start tracking them in your Ad-Juster account. This list will cover the 3rd party servers we are currently supporting along with any tips which may help to ease their usage.

  • Atlas by Microsoft: Currently the Atlas 3rd party module requires a few extra steps in order to set up. A tutorial on how to navigate these steps is integrated directly into your Ad-Juster account and will be presented to you when you begin adding this module to your account.
  • MOJO by Mediaplex: A user id and password is all that's required
  • DFA by Google: Currently you must have all DFA accounts, which are provided by the individual agencies you work with, linked directly into a google account. The user name and password for this google account is all you need to get started. Ad-Juster will automatically discover all linked in accounts.
  • Eyeblaster: Only a user name and password is required. If 4th party ad tag trackers are being used within the linked Eyeblaster accounts, Ad-Juster will automatically discover them and map them to your local ad creatives, given these 4th party accounts are also linked into your Ad-Juster account.
  • PointRoll: Only a user name and password is required to get started. PointRoll currently also uses 4th party ad tag tracking, however in order to have these 4th party tags mapped in your Ad-Juster account you will need to contact your PointRoll representative and request they send you a "CAF" file. This contains all of the 4th party ad tags that are being served by your PointRoll delivered creatives.
  • EyeWonder: Only a user name and password are required.
  • EyeReturn: Only a user name and password are required.
  • Universe by Unicast: Only a user name and password are required.
  • Perseus: This custom report layer for General Motors over top of DFA requires a user name and password in order to aggregate delivery data from creatives delivered, it will also require a spreadsheet upload of tag identifiers (provided by the agency) in order to complete the mappings to the local ad server.
  • Fox Audience Network: Only a user name and password are required.
  • Bluestreak: Only a user name and password are required.
  • Only a user name and password are required.
  • Vindico: Our newest member to the 3rd party ad server family. Vindico will only require a user name and password. Ad-Juster will fully map all video content, however automatic mapping of companion banners is still under development.