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Supported Local Ad Servers: Recap

Since this is our first posting for New Modules, we're going to recap the existing ad servers (one post for the local servers and one for the 3rd party servers) which we currently support here at Ad-Juster along with some what you will need to using them.

  • Dart for Publishers: All you'll need to do is create an account with api access and the proper permissions (which we will walk you through) and add the account credentials to your Ad-Juster account. That's it.
  • Open AdStream: Currently Ad-Juster supports versions 5.x-7.x of 24/7 RealMedia's Open AdStream. For versions 5.x we support locally hosted ad servers as long as the Ad-Juster servers can reach your OAS implementation. If you are behind a firewall, consider a daily drop of our flat file format to work around this restriction.
  • Helios: Ad-Juster now supports ADTECH's Helios ad server. In order to connect your Helios account to Ad-Juster you will need to let your Helios account representative be aware that Ad-Juster will require a connection to your Helios API account. Ad-Juster can work off your existing API account or an additional account can be set up by ADTECH.
  • Zedo: Zedo can be used both as a local publisher's ad serving platform and as a 3rd party delivery platform. Currently Ad-juster supports Zedo as a local platform. All you'll need is your login credentials to get rolling.
  • Google Ad Manager: Google Ad Manager has been discontinued until it is released under the new Google small business enterprise server label with supporting API's. Look for updates to this module in upcoming posts!
  • OpenX: The open source sensation that is OpenX is fully supported by Ad-Juster. All you'll need is an login linked your OpenX account and Ad-Juster will do the rest.
  • Flat File Specification: For many publishers, a direct link to their ad serving platform is either difficult or impossible due to constraints like firewalls, VPN's, and custom, unsupported, ad servers. In these cases Ad-Juster works with your technology support team to identify critical information present in your ad server and develop a flat file dump format that can be FTP'ed to Ad-Juster daily. This removes the need for Ad-Juster to connect directly to your ad serving platform, but gives you 100% of the benefits of real-time 3rd party reconciliation and discrepancy reporting.