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Product Updates Blog Launch

Welcome to the Product Updates Blog!

We will be posting many aspects of our product's evolution here on this blog. All posts will be categorized as "Product Updates" (as opposed to "News"). Posts will be further classified and tagged as:

  • New Features - These entries will cover new features added to the Ad-Juster product suite which extent it capabilities more broadly than the addition of new local or 3rd party ad servers.
  • New Modules - These entries will cover new modules, local and 3rd party ad servers, now supported by the Ad-Juster product suite including a quick tutorial on how to add them to your account.
  • Tips for New Players - Tips for New Players will cover tips and tricks for using the Ad-Juster system to its maximum potential. It will cover common reporting and trafficking trouble shooting topics.
  • Video Learning Series -These posts will contain brief 2-4 minute videos to help users quickly refresh their familiarity with commonly used features in their Ad-Juster account.

Please come back soon, and often!

Best Regards,

Mike Lewis
Ad-Juster, Inc.