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Why Your OMS Data Is Essential for Campaign Optimization

You’re in business to serve your customers. No matter how philanthropic or good intentioned, you’re also in business to make money. That makes your OMS one of the most important components of your organization.

Whether you’re completely digital, physical, or a combination of bricks and clicks, chances are you have orders coming from a variety of channels. Your OMS should be an omnichannel system, helping you smoothly process orders regardless of where they’re coming from. It should also be able to connect all the data from those different channels.

How do you get a majority of your customers to order from you? Digital advertising. Does your OMS automatically pull in data from your ad servers? No. What’s required to make this happen? A direct OMS integration, which is the ability to connect order/contract data from an OMS to campaigns in the ad server, allowing you to lay ad server performance metrics against contracted goals. Creating a direct and automated connection, link, from your OMS/contract data to your ad server data opens your operations up to a whole new level of revenue optimization.

What happens when your OMS and ad server data connection is done manually? It’s like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle in the dark. You’ve got all the right pieces, and you could probably use your hands to feel around and eventually put it all together. But how long would that take you? Your revenue can’t afford to wait that long. Manual association treats the ad server and OMS as separate data sources when they should be treated as a single entity.

Trying to connect your contract and ad server data manually, piecing them together in the dark, is extremely difficult, often impossible. Even when it’s possible, it’s a very slow process. And it’s not just you that’s slowed down when belabored by this manual process. Your entire billing cycle suffers, too. Slow billing means slow payments. Slow payments means low investment capital, which means reduced growth potential.

Manually associating your contract data with your ad server data is not only a grueling process filled with many extra steps compared to an automated connection, it’s also prone to endless human error. Order-related errors don’t just further slow your billing cycle and payments, they can also have a severe effect on your customer relationships. To perceive the full potential impact of that, think about the lifetime value of just one client.

Without a direct OMS integration, your organization suffers from disjointed, disconnected data. Every piece of your revenue puzzle is critically important. Missing pieces means you’ll never see the whole picture. You’ll lack the insights needed to track pacing, discrepancies, performance, and much more.

Deeper and more accurate insights allow you to optimize your operations. For example, you’ll be able to identify strong-performing market segments and double your efforts there. You’ll also be able to discover new market segments to target. If done manually, you might never identify these new targets, or at least not pinpoint until that segment has already been saturated with competition. Oftentimes, being the first trumps being the best or biggest.

An OMS integration puts the puzzle together for you, faster, and more accurately. It gives you the whole picture. The best operational decisions are made based on a fully informed view, founded on input from multiple sources. Without the complete visibility granted by a fully integrated and automated OMS-ad server connection, you simply can’t optimize your operations to their full potential. For example, if you made all your marketing and advertising decisions solely based on your OMS, you’d be missing all the gold nuggets of your digital advertising analytics. This means inefficient ad spending, poorly performing campaigns, completely missing key targets, and other revenue-draining negatives.

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