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Introducing DV Publisher Suite: Comprehensive Yield Insights & Automation for Publishers

For publishers, generating revenue has never been more complex. That’s why, in an effort to offer publishers an unprecedented transparent and holistic analytics solution, we are announcing the launch of DV Publisher Suite.

Available today, we believe DV Publisher Suite is the most comprehensive enterprise-level analytics and automation platform for digital publishers that want to maximize revenue yield from their high-value inventory, reduce friction with buyers, and streamline operations.

The unique combination of solutions showcases offerings from both Ad-Juster’s and DoubleVerify’s array of products and services. Since Ad-Juster joined DoubleVerify in 2019, the two teams have been focused on combining their decades of industry experience to build a suite of solutions that truly empowers publishers.

While this product is unique in the market, we understand you’re not just looking for a product, but a partnership. Both Ad-Juster and DoubleVerify have a reputation for excellent customer service, and we believe DV Publisher Suite will meet the same high bar. Our ultimate mission is to leverage data and technology to help premium publishers thrive with an ad-supported business model.

We’re committed to continuing Ad-Juster’s legacy of advocating for premium publishers. As an example, we were the first verification vendor to come out with a series of articles outlining how we are educating our advertiser customers on keyword blocking best practices, and provide transparency into our buy-side brand suitability tools. In May, we also launched a relief program for our publisher customers, helping them financially bridge these difficult times. We’re extending this type of support with an incentive program for the new product release.

We believe that empowering premium publishers to break through long-lasting industry barriers, is the right path forward to build a better industry. Request a demo today to learn more.