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DSM B&R report supported by Ad-Juster

by Marc Kester

Some of Ad-Juster's customers use DART Sales Manager (DSM) and at the end of each month use its Billing and Reconciliation report. I'm sure most of you know the basic process, whether you use DSM or a different system. The B&R report is exported from DSM as an excel spreadsheet. For the ads that were not entirely served locally, the billing department adds to that the third party numbers, the source of the numbers, and the quantity to be used for billing. The report is then imported back into DSM for it to generate a billing report. An unnecessarily time-consuming step is cutting and pasting the 3rd party numbers into the report. That's where Ad-juster comes in. We can now auto-populate the B&R report with all of the 3rd party numbers we hold. How it works:

  • The customer configures DSM to email the B&R report to Ad-Juster on the 2nd of each month
  • An Ad-Juster report is setup that runs automatically on the 3rd of each month; it retrieves the emailed B&R report and fills it in with the 3rd party data
  • When complete, the filled-in B&R report is emailed back to the customer

Our customer who requested this feature, Jeanette Resnik of Fandango, had this feedback:

"...the Ad-Juster B&R was a HUGE time saver" and "Thank you again for giving my colleagues and me several hours of our work day back."

If your billing department uses the DSM B&R report, or something similar, contact your Ad-Juster sales rep or leave a message at