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Ad-Juster Report Troubleshooting - Level 2 Video

Report Troubleshooting Level 2 will go over common report setups to help your team determine what are the best ways to get reports into the hands of your team. Whether or not reports are going to individuals on your team, or if reports are going to be ingested into your internal database, Ad-Juster has ways to make sure the data flows in smoothly.

We will go through the common report formats that are used for data ingestions and the recommended options that should be set if your team is looking into ingesting Ad-Juster data into your own data warehouses.

We'll go over which reports each department should run: reports for Ad Campaign Managers vs. reports for Ad Traffickers, vs. those reports that Finance and Billing should be running and looking at.

Campaign Managers are looking at the 3rd party discrepancy - tracking pacing of active campaigns - tracking overall campaign performance - availability of the 3rd party data - and looking at the performance by advertiser.

While Ad Traffickers are looking at different reports - tracking tag issues - tracking live campaigns by using active campaigns filter and looking at the TagScan reports.

And at the end of the month, reports that Finance and Billing are looking at are - campaign delivery reports - using custom report templates - and possibilities of DSM/OMS Integration with Ad-Juster and where and how Ad-Juster collected data is filled in into these systems to make the billing easier.

This is a short sum up of this training video, to see all the details please watch the video.

Ad-Juster Report Troubleshooting Level 2 Video
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