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Ad-Juster Report Troubleshooting – Level 1 Video

This training webinar will take a step by step approach on how to tackle the Ad-Juster Campaign Delivery Reports to solve many common ad trafficking issues, helping you understand your data better.

The video goes over how to diagnose the most common reporting issues that pertain to missing 3rd party creatives or mismatching 3rd party delivery data between Ad-Juster and 3rd Party Servers.  For each of the issues we will introduce a simple step by step plan so your team will have a better understanding on how to use the Ad-Juster Campaign Delivery reports to perform your own investigations.  This webinar will also go over some very helpful Reporting Columns that may or may not be used by your team today.

This training will be useful for any new or old users that spend a lot of time trying to troubleshoot data issues in Ad-Juster Campaign Delivery Reports. It can also be helpful for Campaign Managers looking to incorporate Ad-Juster reports into their process as the Step by Step process that we will go over, can serve as a basic template for a workflow process.


Ad-Juster Report Troubleshooting
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