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Ad-Juster Excel Template Training Webinar Video- Mother of All Reports

This training webinar is on the Excel Template, the mother of all reports. If you are spending too much time making complicated spreadsheets, then this is the webinar video for you to watch.

Ad-Juster Excel templates are a very useful tool to give publishers the flexibility of utilizing existing processes with Ad-Juster data. Excel spreadsheets are a very common tool for digital publishers to use when creating reports to monitor discrepancies, pacing, and even revenue forecasting. These spreadsheets are usually created through many time-consuming, manual processes of copy-pasting datasets from various reports and relying on VLOOKUPs to generate a single sheet of data to consuming. Wouldn't it be better to just download the excel file already pre-loaded with your data the way you want it presented?

Ad-Juster Excel Template Training Webinar Video - Mother of All Reports
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