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Ad-Juster CALIBRATE Launch Announcement

Campaign and Revenue Optimization Tool

For the past 10 years, we’ve been delivering unified data reporting and analytics to digital publishers, agencies, advertisers, ad tech vendors and networks, and media buyers. Leveraging our core reporting solutions, media and technology companies have been able to achieve the actionable insights necessary to generate more revenue.

To further our mission of simplifying the complexities of digital advertising, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new campaign and revenue optimization tool Ad-Juster CALIBRATE. You now have the power to fight the multi-million-dollar problem of discrepancies. Creating, executing, and maintaining a process to monitor, reduce, report, and reconcile discrepancies is critical for every ad operations team. CALIBRATE delivers that vital process with just a few clicks.

Our tool empowers you to stop rampant discrepancies from demolishing your pacing, ruining your forecasting, and stunting your revenue. You’ll get on-demand, easy-to-use, and powerful insights on your inventory performance. Your operations can achieve the agility necessary to act fast across all your line items. Master your inventory performance, contracted impressions, buffering, and pacing all in one place. CALIBRATE provides a reliable, massive-revenue saving alternative to traditional flat-rate buffers. Inventory saved is money earned.

CALIBRATE represents our enhanced focus on helping clients achieve their dream revenue. We know the secret to optimal digital revenue lies within the ability to get the most from one’s data. From accurate reporting and forecasting to discrepancy monitoring and reconciliation as well as optimized buffering and pacing, nothing can help you make better operational decisions than your data.

“Publishers, agencies, and ad-tech vendors are faced with the immense challenge of properly managing and monetizing enormous volumes of data from an array of fragmented vendors in the digital advertising ecosystem,” says our new CEO Dennis Clerke. “Only with Ad-Juster are they able to instantly automate and organize reporting across the most ad servers, platforms, partners, OMSs, CRMs, and data sources to cleanse and make sense of their data. Ad-Juster solutions allow them to identify which levers they can pull to fill gaps and maximize revenue. CALIBRATE is the next generation of revenue optimization.” Few organizations understand the immense pressure, stress, and competition digital publishers face like we do. That’s why we built CALIBRATE to enable campaign and revenue optimization with just a few clicks. As our Sales Engineer Joe Lewis points out, operations-optimizing analytics has never been easier thanks to CALIBRATE, “This is your revenue if you do nothing. This is the revenue you save if you act on our automated recommendations.” CALIBRATE automatically calculates your revenue at risk based on your OMS connection or uploaded contract data. Optimization is as simple as updating your ad server with the booked-impression amounts recommended by CALIBRATE.

To further enhance operational efficiency, CALIBRATE takes spreadsheets out of the equation by letting you work completely within a dashboard. “Spreadsheets are still very useful tools. But digital advertising professionals don’t have time to navigate cumbersome spreadsheets all day. Campaign and revenue optimization can never wait that long. CALIBRATE Analyzer graph visualizations within the new user interface make it quick and easy to triage and recalibrate your greatest revenue risks,” says CMO Dan Lawton.

CALIBRATE makes it quick and easy to update your line items and optimize your buffers on a daily basis. Get the most from your line-item data to save and generate more revenue with less time and effort.

We can instantly onboard and demo your data today, so you can see exactly what CALIBRATE can do for your operations.

And your account manager is always grateful for the opportunity to answer any questions you might have as well as hear your valued feedback.