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Ad-Juster and the IES

by Jesse Poppick

Ad-Juster, Inc. is happy to announce that since January 2009, Ad-Juster has been addressing the costly issue of 3rd party data collection and ad serving discrepancies between publishers and advertisers.

Ad-Juster currently supports Impression Exchange Standard (IES), and Non-IES, ad units and ad delivery systems.

Today, Ad-Juster customers are able to significantly reduce time-consuming reconciliations at the end of a campaign and lost budgets due to unexpected trafficking errors. For the past year and a half, Ad-Juster customers have been collecting ad delivery data from systems that include: DFP, DFA, Atlas, Mediaplex, EyeBlaster, EyeWonder, EyeReturn, Unicast, PointRoll, Open AdStream, Helios, OpenX, Zedo, and DART Enterprise. Ad-Juster has recently added additional ad delivery systems and Networks that include, Casale Media, Vindico, and Fox Audience Network. To-date Ad-Juster, Inc. has collected data on over one trillion ad impressions.

Ad delivery discrepancies are a major source of pain for the online display advertising industry. Today, publishers and advertisers who are not using the Ad-Juster, must manually retrieve ad serving reports and go through an arduous reconciliation process, often revealing campaign errors that could have been fixed earlier and kept advertiser budgets and publisher revenues on track.

In response to this source of pain, in 2009, Ad-Juster was released in the digital market place. Ad-Juster facilitates the exchange of ad serving impression data between publishers and third-party ad servers, providing publishers with daily updates on discrepancies identifying potential delivery issues.

Ad-Juster is proud to be the first technology provider to build the only 3rd party data collection and discrepancy management tool that also supports compliance with the Impression Exchange. Additionally, Ad-Juster, Inc., is working with colleagues throughout the industry to ensure interoperability as they use Ad-Juster and adopt the IES.

Ad-Juster currently offers a number of benefits for Publishers:

  • Eliminates the need to log into multiple third-party ad serving systems and retrieve campaign data manually.
  • Acts as an early warning system that prevents anomalous discrepancies.
  • Frees up time to provide better overall service to advertisers.
  • Advertisers do not need choose to have Ad-Juster technology enabled.
  • The redirect tags received from advertisers do not need to be updated with a special code.
  • Currently, Ad-Juster supports multiple local and 3rd party ad serving systems and is already working on adding other third-party systems and networks to the Ad-Juster Dashboard.
  • Reporting for all IES and Non-IES line items currently appear in the Ad-Juster Dashboard.

Ad-Juster also offers a number of benefits for Advertisers:

  • Eliminates the need to manage multiple reporting sign-ins for publishers.
  • The redirect tags sent to publishers do not need to be updated with a special code.
  • Reduces time spent resolving discrepancies.
  • Reduces time spent collecting data from other 3rd party vendors.